Using Custom Fonts in an Omni-Channel Where to Buy

User guide for configuring a custom font within the Omni-Channel WTB


How to configure a Custom Font

Within the Omni-Channel WTB Builder, under the Theme Styles section of the 'Style WTB' page, you will see the option to select a Custom Font mceclip0.png

Once selected, you can insert the font name within the input field



The font name you'll want to insert can be found in you're site's styles CSS file:



How Custom Fonts work for Omni-Channel WTB

When configuring a custom font, the font file does not need to be loaded. Rather, when inserting the name into the input field (above), that value is stored in WTB's configuration files. 


Previewing the WTB with a Custom Font

When configuring a Custom Font, it's important to note that the WTB preview within the Builder Tool will not display that font as it does not have access to the font file. Additionally, once you've published the WTB, the demo page will also not reflect that Custom Font. mceclip2.pngThe WTB will not display the Custom Font until the installation script has been uploaded on your site, as the font file is loaded there, and the WTB will inherit that font.


(example font file within a site's source file)


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