Supported Parameters for Omni-Channel WTB

This article outlines the supported URL parameters for Omni-Channel WTB applications

Direct to Results

If you're using one of the WTB templates that displays your product selection in view first, you can pass the following parameter to send users straight to the results view on load:




  • You should not use this parameter if you're sending the consumer to results with over 175 UPCs included in the search. This can cause errors and results may not load in view.
  • If your Locator has less than 175 UPCs configured, there is a setting within the builder to show results on load without having to pass a parameter. 

Pass Specific UPCs

If you want to filter your WTB to display only a subset of products, you can pass the following parameter:

?APO=[Enter UPC values here. Multiple UPCs can be comma delimited]



  • This parameter can also be combined with the Direct to Results parameter allowing you to send consumers to the results screen for specific products. Example:,999000000028,999000000029&DTR=1
  • For Omni-Channel Widgets, UPCs need to be passed in dynamically. Using this parameter will work, but there is also an APO attribute within the installation script that will load in the specific UPCs.
    • This same attribute can also be used within a Locator installation script, but needs to be added in manually as it's not present by default, APO="[Enter UPC values here]". 

Pass a Specific Zip Code

If you want to redirect your consumer to the WTB application with a specific zip code loaded, you can pass the following parameter:



Pass a Country and/or Language

If you want to specify the country and language that should be loaded for your WTB you can pass the following parameters:





  • When loading languages in the US, the two digit language code should be passed: DEFLANG=EN or DEFLANG=ES.
  • When loading languages outside of the US, the language code alongside country code needs to be passed: DEFLANG=EN-CA, DEFLANG=FR-CA.
  • The country/language can also be passed within the installation script via the attributes, DEFLANG="", DEFCTRY="".
  • Both the country and language parameters or attributes should be loaded together at all times. Loading just the country or just the language may cause results to not load as expected.

Pass a Product Group in Widgets

If you want to dynamically load a product group in your Omni-Channel widget you can pass the following parameter:




  • The Product Group name should be passed as it's stored in our system, as seen in the example: Product Group 1.
  • A single UPC can be passed with the APOG parameter, and if that UPC is associated with a Product Group, all other UPCs will be loaded within the widget that are also associated with that Product Group.
  • The Product Group can also be passed within the installation script via the attribute, but needs to be added manually as it's not present by default, APOG="".
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