How to use Tags

How do I know if my Locator uses tags?

The easiest way to tell if your locator uses Tags is if your locator has a sidebar or top bar which allows for filtering the product view based on certain criteria.  


Another method would be to check in the Destini CMS to see whether you have 'Tags' in your Products menu bar.


What to do with Tags?

If you've determined that your locator uses tags, you should be able to assign products to tags, create new tags, and change the order of how your tags are displayed.

When creating or editing a product, if your locator uses tags, it is actually necessary to assign each product to a tag in order for it to display on the locator.  You should see this field at the bottom of the product edit screen.  You can select one or more tags associate a product with.  Many locators include an 'All Products' tag, in which case each product should be assigned to 'All Products' in addition to any other desired tags.




You can also assign products to Tags by navigating to Products -> Tags and selecting the tag you'd like to add products to.  Then simply check off the products which should be associated and click Save.


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