Adding Products

New products can easily be added to your locator via the Destini CMS.

Adding a Product

When logged in, click here to go to the 'Add Product' section.

  1. Click Add Product from the Products menu, or on the All Products page.addproducts.png
  2. Enter in the 12 digit product UPC, the product name, and select the product sub-category.
  3. If you have the Product Description feature, enter the product description.
  4. If you would like the product to show up on the locator now, change the Status to "active" with a click.


Click "save" and you will be taken to the Edit Product page. Here you can add additional aspects of your product:

  1. Product image: If your product images are displayed on the locator, upload a new product image here. Tip: download the image for a similar product first and use that as a template to correctly size new images.
  2. Tags: If your locator has the Tags feature enabled, tag your product with the correct tag to make it visible on the front end. You can also create new tags here by simply entering them in and clicking "save".


You may need to clear your browser cache to see the new product on your locator.

Including Products in Your Data Feeds

If you have a Nielsen data feed, you will need to contact Support after adding products to ensure the new UPCs are covered by your data feed contracts, and are in the system.

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