Active vs. Inactive Status

A product must be set to "active" to be visible in the locator, and to be included in search results. A green checkmark means active, and a red X means inactive. This is also true for stores, deals and any other items in the CMS that have the green checkmark/red X.

Toggling Active and Inactive Status

To change a product's status, either:

  • From the All Products page, click on the green checkmark or red X in the product's row to switch its status.


  • From the Edit Product page, do the same.


Making a product active does not necessarily mean it will be visible in the locator. It may need to be assigned a tag to be displayed in the locator. Or it may be in the locator, but selectable by its entire sub-category, rather than displayed individually. If you are uncertain whether a product is active and on the locator, please contact support.

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