Best Practices for Uploading Images

In most Destini Locators, product or category images can be added or changed in the Destini CMS. The process is pretty simple, but there are some concepts regarding sizing and cropping images that might be useful to understand. This is especially true if you are swapping out all of your product images because of a packaging update, for example. 

Product Size vs. Canvas Size

One important distinction to understand is the difference between product size and canvas size. If your images are looking too small or too big that might be the culprit.

Canvas size means the actual size of the entire image, including white or blank space around the image. Product size means the size of the product in the canvas. If the image is cropped to the product, the product will fill the canvas and product size will equal canvas size. But if there is a lot of blank space around the product in the image, then the canvas is larger than the image. 

Destini will fit the canvas size -- the entire image, including blank space -- into the space provided. This may or may not be the affect you want. 


If you are uploading images, and two products that should be the same size are instead looking like the above image, chances are they have different canvas sizes. 

Image File Types: PNGs vs. JPGs

Destini strongly recommends using PNG images with transparent backgrounds. The reason is that if you use JPGs, which cannot have transparency, and the background of your locator is not white, the background will clash with your product image. 


Relative Product Sizing

Another thing to be aware of when adding images is whether you want products to appear sized relative to each other. For example, if you have two products of different sizes available in the locator. 

If you want products to appear sized relative to each other, the best way is to put all products in the same square canvas size (400x400px or 500x500px works well) and then resize the product within that square. See the example below. 


The above product images are both 500x500px square, but the product in the second one has been made smaller within the canvas. 

Drop Shadows and Image Size

Large drop shadows on products can also distort product images when they are displayed on the locator, by adding extra blank space around the product, forcing it to appear smaller. 

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