Product Locator Deep-Linking

Destini supports a variety of deep-links or “parameter strings” that can be utilized to automatically trigger your Product Locator to take one or more actions upon its initial page-load. This is accomplished by adding parameter strings to the end of the referring URL used to load the webpage, i.e. adding “?ZIP=90210” to the end of your URL will trigger your locator to preload this zip code into the search field. The following deep-links are currently supported:

  • Pre-load a specific Postal Code or City.
  • Have one or more products appear as auto-selected. 
  • Automatically trigger a search for products using the consumer's detected location or a specific Postal Code (can be all products or specific products). 
  • Automatically trigger the "Buy Online" retailer panel to appear.
  • Trigger a search for all products that have been assigned to a particular "category."
  • Have a particular country and/or language present by default (international locators only).

Please note, you must first have URL Parameters activated within your Destini account in order to use this functionality. If you are unsure whether or not this service is currently active on your account, please contact your Destini Sales Representative. 

While some advanced parameters may require a Destini support representative to assist with initial configuration, the following popular examples require no additional setup.

1. Location Parameter: Postal Code

To pass a postal code into the search field on the product selection page use: ZIP=XXXXX. Example:

To send users directly to search results with a particular postal code, you must also send them to the results page with MM=panel2. Without adding “ZIP=”, the locator will otherwise geolocate the user based on their IP address.


2. Location Parameter: Direct-to-stores geolocation

To skip past the product selection interface, and immediately display store results based on the user’s IP address, append MM=panel2 to the URL. Example:

3. Product Parameter

To pass an individual product, or a subset of products, you will use the PROD= parameter. The value of PROD must equal the UPC(s) of the product(s) as it is in the Destini locator CMS. Multiple products can be applied with this parameter by using commas and no spaces.

Individual Product:

Multiple Products:,987654321

4. Buy Online Parameter

To open the Buy Online modal upon the initial load of the locator, simply add the “ONS=2” parameter: Example:

5. Combining of the Parameters

You can use any combination of these parameters that work for your utilization. If you want to send them directly to results for a single product to a zip code they entered would look like the following:Example:

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