What are Retailer Requests?

Retailer requests are requests by retailers who carry your product to be included in store results in your locator. A link to the retailer request form is typically found at the bottom of the stores list on the store results page of the locator (after conducting a search).

A store owner can fill out the form with their store address and their own contact information, and the request will show up in the Retailer Request section of the Destini CMS.

Automatically Approving Retailer Requests

You can automatically approve a retailer request, add it to your static stores list and notify the store owner -- all from the Destini CMS. To do so, select "approved" from the dropdown on the individual retailer request page, and check "notify retailer by email". Then save.

You can be notified every time a retailer request is created by adding a notification email to the Account Settings page.

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