Best Practices: Getting the Most From Your Locator

The "Where to Buy" page is typically the second-most visited page on a brand website (the homepage is #1). Your locator is an invaluable tool for sending motivated customers to purchase and promoting brand awareness. Make sure all of your customers see it!

Here are some tips for getting the most from your locator:

  • Put it in the navigation! Link to your locator from the main navigation on every page.
  • Give it a great name! The menu link should be "Where to Buy", "Store Locator" or something similar. Not "Retail Partners" or other ambiguous language.
  • Search engine optimize it! For SEO purposes, the link name should also be the name of the page URL, e.g.,
  • Put it above the fold! On the locator page, the locator should start above the fold. In you have a one-page website, make sure the locator is not partially hidden by your navigation when users scroll to it.
  • Promote it! Let your customers know they have a new way to find your products. Link to it in your emails (and plan a blast for when it launches), post it to Facebook, highlight it on your homepage carousel. Get the word out!
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