Squarespace F.A.Q's

Common topics about implementing your Destini locator into Squarespace.


"Why isn't the locator loading on my Squarespace site?

An issue can arise using Squarespace when you navigate from a page within the website and it is not loading the page, but using Asynchronous JavaScript.

You will need to turn this setting off on your Squarespace site in order for the iframe to load as an OnLoad feature.  Otherwise it will not load unless an Onload action is triggered, because through Ajax, the page is not triggered to load. 

"How can I add the Destini Locator to my Squarespace site?"

SquareSpace requires that external JavaScript files (which is what the Destini Locators install script is) be placed on your website page with a special Code Injection section of the Advanced Settings. See instructions here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815908.  

Platforms like Shopify and Wix may require similar workarounds.

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