Not Getting Any Results

If you are not getting any results for searches in the locator where you expect to see distribution, please check the following:

  1. Your products are set to "active" in the locator.
  2. The stores you expect to see are covered by the data feed(s) you subscribe to. You can get a list of retailers covered by the feeds from support.
  3. If the product is new, it can take 6-8 weeks for distribution for the product to start appearing in the locator. This time can be reduced by pre-registering products with Nielsen, IRI and other data feeds before product release.
  4. If you are an IRI customer, your products must be in your IRI Product Locator Feed. Please contact your IRI account manager to confirm this. If you do not know who your IRI account manager is, please contact support.

If you are still not seeing expected distribution, please contact support and include in the ticket the location and products you expect to see distribution for.

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