Embedding Your Product Locator

This article provides best-practices for installing your PRO or LITE Product Locator within a website.

LITE Locator Installation:

When ready to implement your LITE Product Locator, please navigate to the "Locator" page within the "Settings" menu of the CMS. There you will find a blue “Embed Code” button on the top right of the page which will present two options for how you'd like your locator displayed to your consumers. 


The first option, "Start with Product Selection" will display all available products to your consumers and prompt them to make one or more selections prior to running their search. The second option, "Direct to Store Results" will automatically run a search for local availability of all your products based on your consumer's detected location install script. 

Once you've selected the install script of your choice, you will then copy and paste the embed code into the backend of your designated “Where to Buy” webpage.

Upon page load, the embed script will load your LITE Product Locator within an iframe that will expand to a max-width of 1120px when using the "Start with Product Selection" script. If you are using the "Direct to Store Results" script, the iframe will expand to the full width of the container it is placed within. The maximum height will be 850px, but your locator will also adjust responsively depending on your viewport width.

2. PRO Locator Installation:

The implementation process for your PRO Product Locator will begin with your Destini Implementation Manager providing you with an embed script.

The embed script should then be pasted into the backend of your designated "Where to Buy" webpage. Upon page load the embed script will load your PRO Product Locator within an iframe that will expand to 100% width of its container and the height will dynamically adjust based on the content within.

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