Landing Page Campaign Types

What is a Landing Page Campaign Type?

Campaign Types were introduced for Shoppable Landing Pages in January, 2022. The functionality supports distinct user journeys that remain consistent for your customers and align your KPIs for performance measurement.

What are the Campaign Types and how are they different?

We have two Landing Page Campaign Types available:

1. Landing Page / Buy Now

This Campaign Type drives customers from your Landing Page to the selected retailer’s product detail page.

2. Landing Page / Add-to-Cart

This Campaign Type drives customers from your Landing Page to the selected retailer’s cart.

Why have different Campaign Types?

Having different Campaign Types for Landing Pages benefits both you as well as your consumers.

Consistent KPIs

When Buy Now and Add-to-Cart experiences are mixed into a single campaign, it can be difficult to know what data points are available or not for each retailer. Now, it will be easier to analyze and cross-compare retailers and campaigns against each other with consistent KPIs.

Consistent Experience

Providing your consumers with a consistent shopping experience and call-to-action will avoid confusion or frustration with the experience.

Which Campaign Type should I use?

There are different use cases for each Campaign Type and deciding what the best option is will depend on your campaign objectives.



Landing Page / Buy Now

Landing Page / Add-to-Cart

Higher Funnel | Less Awareness


Lower Funnel | High Awareness


Extensive Automated Buy Online Retailer Coverage*


Purchase Intent Data

Sales Data*


Product Bundles



* Retailer Coverage & Sales Data can be accessed in our Coverage Map link. Current Add-to-Cart supported retailers includes: Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Instacart US, Kroger, Target, Walmart US.

How can I start using Landing Page Campaign Types?

New Campaigns 

When creating a new campaign, after selecting Landing Page as your first option, you'll be presented with the two new Landing Page Campaign Types. Choose either option and then select the Continue button.


Existing Campaigns

You cannot assign a Campaign Type to an existing Shoppable Landing Page campaign, but you can simply duplicate the campaign within your dashboard, which will then allow you to configure the Campaign Type as shown above.



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