Major Differences Between Signals V1 and V2

We are so excited to share with you Signals V2, the new and improved Destini Signals application. We designed it with performance improvements in mind and you will see them across the tool. 

  • The Voids page has two modifications: 
    • you’ll now see Distribution Filled in purple, which will list stores where you recently started selling products. 
    • The export now includes all products and retailers and is color coded.
  • Store/Item Groups are now editable and will display all saved information.
  • A monthly email will go out to all Signals users, outlining Dollars, Units, POD, Stores Selling, Dollar Opportunity Gap, and the top five POD Gains, Losses, and Opportunities by Account for the last four weeks. 
  • Scorecards will give all users a pre-formatted exportable PDF, detailing KPIs and charts in a more concise and sharable document.
  • Campaigns will allow you to save a combination of products, stores, and filters so that you can recall them anytime. They will all be visible under the Campaigns tab. 


You’ll notice some changes and these are also meant to aid in performance:

  • KPIs are calculated more accurately and we’ve included more quality checks to ensure that accurate data is displayed.
  • More thorough Account-level Voids information. Previously, if you had three products not selling at three stores, the Voids total would be 3. Now it will be 9, one Void for each UPC at the three stores.
  • In turn, this will improve the calculation of the KPIs on the Voids page because we’ll be using more accurate numbers.
  • We now use sales data from a specific store’s UPC to calculate Opportunity Gap and will only use a store average when the data doesn’t exist.
  • Filters will now only include results that have data to pull.


As we work to improve the platform, there are some known issues we’d like you to keep in mind:

  • Exports will use V1 measurements for KPIs.
  • Monthly emails will also use V1 measurements for KPIs.
  • The campaigns tab won’t allow for Contextual Navigation, where you can click on an item or retailer and get more specific information.
  • Groups cannot be archived.
  • Rounding of measurements causes some discrepancies in data, but is only off but 0.1-3%. 
  • When selecting Accounts in the filter, the measurements don’t match the chart’s data.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns while exploring the tool. The Zen Desk Help Library is up to date with helpful articles: Signals Help Library.

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