Items Page Items Summary

At the bottom of your Items page is the Items Summary. Similar to your Accounts Page, we get a list of all items available for sale and we'll see the most popular items listed first. 

Each column shows different metrics and you can filter the chart by the preferred metric by clicking on header.


You can either choose to filter by ascending order, descending order or filter by value.


The first new column we see is UPC, which will show the unique universal product code (UPC Code) for that product.

The next column two columns shows Dollar Sales and then the Dollar Change from the previous period of the same length. Units are the total number of sold during the period for each item. 


Units Change shows the change in units sold from the previous period and the green indicates gains and the red, losses. 

ARP or Average Retail Price is where we average how much that item sells for across all stores. 

POD represents Point of Distribution, or the total number or items available for sale during this time period across all retailers. Again, we'll also see the POD Change with the gains in green and losses in red. 

Units/Stores Selling/Week shows us the average number of units sold per store per week, which is a useful velocity metric. It gives you a general idea of an item’s sales velocity across your retailers.


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