Items Share Donut Chart

The Items Share Donut Chart illustrates what portion of your sales do your different retailers own. We present it in a exportable donut chart where each slice designates a different account. The system will default to showing this chart for Items Dollar Shares:


You'll see your top items listed on the right with their color, which will correspond with their donut slice. The Contextual Navigation can be used here as well, where if you were to hover over a slice, you could see the actual amount of sales in dollars that item made during the chosen time period. The drop down menu on the top right will let you change the value of the graph.


Item Unit Shares will show your top selling items and you can how they make up your totals sales for the time period. The items listed in the key will always be ordered by most popular. 


Account Unit Shares will show how many units each of your top retailers sold during the chosen time period. You can hover over any slice to see the actual amount and the key will order retailers by which sell the largest number of units.

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