Accounts Sales Highlights

The Sales Highlights on the Accounts page is very similar to the Overview one, except we have one new KPI:


Here, we see the addition of % of Stores Selling. This does the exactly what it sounds like and shows the percentage of total sales by this retailer that are selling the brand. The indicator below it will illustrate growth or loss. 

Dollars is the total sales in dollars for the time period selected. Below it, you can see the percentage of growth or loss indicated by green and red, respectively, and a +/-. In this example, we see a growth of 45.5%.

Units will show the number of individual units sold for the time period selected. The growth will be depicted below it in the same way as it is for Dollars. 

POD or Point of Distribution on the Overview page is the total number of items sold at all retailers for the selected period of the time. We get that same indicator or growth.

Stores Selling will tell you the total number of stores selling the brands products for the selected period of time.

The Opportunity Gap calculates the how much you could be making if all items selling were made available for sale at ever store. This would be you selling at maximum capacity. 


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