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The Accounts Summary found on the Accounts page offers us some more information than the one on the Overview page:


The structure is similar and some of the columns may look familiar. All Accounts are listed in the far left column and the table will be organized by best sellers by default. Each column shows different metrics and you can filter the chart by the preferred metric by clicking on header.


You can either choose to filter by ascending order, descending order or filter by value.


The first column lists the Dollar Sales in dollars and the column immediately to the right shows the percent change in dollar sales over the specified time period. Green indicates a gain and red is a loss. 

Units is also a familiar term from the Overview and is the number of units sold for that retailer across all its stores during the chosen time period. 

Units Change shows percent change in units over the specified time period.

POD shows the total number of items available during the chosen time period across all stores. 


Items represent the number of items from the brand at that particular account. 

Stores Selling shows the total count of stores selling the brand's products by that retailer. 

Potential Stores are the total number of stores that belong to that retailer, whether they sell the brand's products or not. 

Voids are the difference between the number of items your stores are actually selling vs. how many items could be sold if all stores of that retailed carried all the items you have available to that retailer.

The Opportunity Gap calculates the Voids in dollars. 


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