Voids Accounts Chart

This chart will take your top selling items and show which of your retailers are selling them, one by one:


  • Green means the retailer is selling the item in this current time period. It will list the last date we have sales data for that item.

  • Red cells indicate that the retailer is not selling that item and never has.

  • Peach means no scan in the current time frame, but we have seen scans for that item at some point in the past.

  • Purple cells indicate a scan this period where we did not see one in the previous period. 


Next to the account name, you'll see the Sales Total for the chosen period and the retailers are always ranked by most to least sales. Next to it, you'll see the total count of voided items from the top twenty selling items. This is not the total number of voids across all of the brand's items.

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