Voids Sales Highlights

Like on the Overview page, we show a Sales Highlights tool bar at the top of the screen. It displays some major KPIs associated with your Voids, or additional sales opportunity. 


You'll notice some new figures like Distribution Lost, Distribution Kept, Distribution Void, and Distribution Filled. Let's start with the first three we see, though:


Point of Distribution (POD) will be the same from the Overview page and shows us the total number of items within a search criteria for a chosen time period. The Opportunity Gap is where we look at the total number of items missing at stores and displays how much money could be made if all items available to a retailer were sold at all of the their stores. Distribution Kept is how many items were sold at stores during the previous period and are still being sold at those same stores during this period. 


Distribution Lost gives us the inverse. We see how many stores have stopped selling items that they used to during the previous period. Distribution Void illustrates which stores have never sold an item that is available at other stores of the same retailer. And Distribution Filled are the number of items added to stores that weren't selling them in the previous period. The goal here is to give you a succinct snapshot of where your brand can leverage available opportunity. 

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