Item Summary

The Item Summary is where you can take the information provided in the charts and examine it more closely by Item. It's broken into three sections and the first shows Point of Distribution (POD) Gains from largest and then descending:


We stick to our motto of easy and intuitive with the POD Gains on the left and the Item Name on the right. Your top retailers are listed first and the gain is in comparison to the pervious period of the same length. If you want a list of all POD gains, click on the "View All" option in the upper right.


Point of Distribution (POD) Losses shows the opposite and still is in comparison to the previous period of the same length.


The end of the chart lists your opportunities by Item. This is also in comparison to the previous period of the same length. 

The Item Summary has one more incredibly helpful option. If you click on any Account Name, the Contextual Navigation takes you to a view of that retailer broken down by individual stores. We call this view the Item Overview, which is covered in a different article. 


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