How to use the Store Publisher

The Store Publisher is for uploading a large number of stores and their associated products to cover gaps in your data feeds, or if you are not subscribed to any data feeds. 

The publisher has an extensive step-by-step tutorial. The steps for using the Publisher are:

In the Destini CMS, within the Product Locator application, head over to "Stores" then "Store Publisher"


     1. Download your existing stores list template. If you don't have any stores yet, it will be blank. If the list is very long, it will be emailed to you. *You cannot upload any other type of excel file, only the Destini formatted template will work successfully.*


     2.  Add your stores to the template. Each store gets one line per SKU sold in the store. If a store sells six of your products, the store address information would be repeated on six rows, with the UPC value different on each row. *Please note Destini now requires the Country column to be filled out!*


   3.  Check your UPCs. On the fourth step of the uploader you can copy and paste your entire UPC column of the stores template into the box to confirm the UPCs in the template match the UPCs in Destini.



   4.  Upload your list. Destini will then process your list. If it is a long list, this can take a while. Destini will email you when it is done processing.

  5.  Review and publish your list. Follow the link in the email from Destini back to the CMS to review your stores list and publish it.  Remember, each stores upload overwrites the existing list.

If there are errors in your stores list template, Destini will send you an email with a link to download the template with the errors highlighted and the error explanation in the last column. Just fix the errors and re-upload the list.

Stores File Archive

If you make a mistake and publish the wrong list, or if you just want to switch to an earlier list of stores, you can do so in the Store Backups, which holds a record of every stores upload. Just select the store upload you want, and publish it to your locator.

As always, if you have any questions with this process, don't hesitate to reach out to Support via the Support icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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