Signals is a store level reporting platform that offers actionable insights into store-level sales from over 20,000 locations powered by SPINS & Nielsen. Signals allows brands to instantly identify critical trends and void reports to help grow sales and reduce losses. 

Release Notes: Jul 26, 2021

What's New

  1. Stackable Filters - If you:
    1. Apply selected filters, then 
    2. Search for and Apply additional filters, your original filters will stack on top of the new ones. 
  2. Select All - You can now Select All listed filters saving you clicks and time!
    1. You can now select a more granular list of filters by Searching for a keyword and Selecting All that match your search terms. 
  3. Sticky Filters - Filters selected on a given page remain from page to page unless cleared.

  4. Filter by US Territories - You can now filter by Washington DC.

  5. UI Cleanups:

    1. Removed redundant filter pills from drilled-down details page.

    2. “X” within filter pills appear by default instead of on-hover.

    3. The order of filter pills have been improved to match expected behavior.

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