How to Create Widgets

1.  Navigate to Product Widgets in the Product section.


2.  Set up Global Styles for all Widgets if this hasn't been done yet.  Once set, click 'Save'.


3.  Click Create New Widget button.  Give the widget a name, description, and Unique ID.  The Unique ID will be used later for the widget implementation.


4.  Select the product(s) you'd like to be associated with the widget you are creating.


5.  Choose 'Custom Styles' or 'Global Styles' to set the styling of the individual widget.  Selecting 'Custom Styles' will allow you to choose new styles while 'Global Styles' will use the default Global Styling you set up prior.


6.  You are done building a widget!  Make a note of the Association ID on the final page to be used for the implementation of the widget.



Now that you've created a widget, check out our Widget Implementation guides:

"Inline" Product Widget Implementation Guide

“Pop-up” Product Widget Implementation Guide

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