Styling your LITE Product Locator

This article will review how to edit the styles within your Destini LITE Product Locator via your Destini CMS account.


Your Destini LITE Product Locator has a variety of style attributes that can be customized to match the look and feel of your website's aesthetic. The controls to style your LITE Locators can be found within your Destini CMS under Settings > Locator.

The following video briefly reviews the primary styling options as well as where to find them LITE Locator editor. 

Basic Styles

Below you'll find a list of all editable style attributes with their corresponding "default" hex value. These default values will display unless they are modified within the editor.


Header Bar - #D2D2D2
Checkmark - #D2D2D2
Pin - #646464


Font - #FFFFFF (Default Color)  |  #FFFFFF (Hover Color)
Background - #969696 (Default Color)  |  #646464 (Hover Color)


Primary - Verdana (Font)  |  #4B4B4B (Color)
Secondary - Verdana (Font) |  #4B4B4B (Color)
Search & eComm Heading #4B4B4B (Color)

Store Results

Font - #4B4B4B (Default Color)  |  #4B4B4B (Hover Color)
Background - #FFFFFF (Default Color)  |  #F0F0F0 (Background Color)
Action Color - #4B4B4B (Default Color)  |  #4B4B4B (Hover Color)

Advanced Styles

Dropdown Menus - #4B4B4B (Font)  |  #FCFCFC (Background)
Input Fields - #4B4B4B (Font)  |  #FCFCFC (Background)
Map Options - streets-navigation-vector (Default Map)
Display in KM (toggled off)

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