Understanding Shoppable Recipe Reporting

Access Shoppable Recipe Reporting

Navigate to the Shoppable Recipe Dashboard, and select 'Reports'


Shoppable Recipe Reporting Metrics

RECIPE BUTTON IMPRESSIONS = Number of times the Recipe Button was viewed on a consumer's screen

RECIPE BUTTON CLICKS = Number of times the Recipe Button is selected to shop the recipe

RECIPE BUTTON CTR = % of times a consumer clicked on the Recipe Button after viewing the Recipe Button [(Recipe Button Clicks / Recipe Button Impressions) * 100]

CHECKOUT CLICKS = Number of times a consumer clicks on a retailer to check out

CHECKOUT CTR = % of times a consumer clicked on a retailer to check out after clicking on the Recipe Button (Checkout Clicks / Recipe Button Clicks)

Note: It's possible Checkout CTR rises above 100% due to consumers selecting multiple retailers to check out

PURCHASE INTENT = Checkout Clicks * Price of Branded Products included in the recipe

Note: Purchase Intent is driven by web-scraped prices at retailers

RETAILER IMPRESSIONS = Number of times a Retailer was viewed on a consumer's screen

RETAILER LIST CTR = % of times a consumer clicked on a retailer when presented with a retailer list [(Checkout Clicks / Retailer Impressions) * 100]


Shoppable Recipe Reporting Data Publish Frequency

Shoppable Recipe Reporting data refreshes every 24 hours


Shoppable Recipe Performance Improvement

Improve Recipe Button Impressions

  • Consider making the Recipe Button viewable on the initial page load
  • Consider how consumers navigate to your recipe pages, consider "pushing" recipes to consumers in paid search, email marketing, and media campaigns
  • Prioritize creating Shoppable Recipes for the highest engaged recipes on your website

Improve Recipe Button CTR

  • Customize the Recipe Button CTA to match website branding
  • Ensure the placement/style of the Recipe Button makes sense to the consumer, typically under the 'Ingredients' section

Improve Checkout CTR

  • Ensure retailer availability for the branded products included in the Shoppable Recipes
  • Target recipe campaigns to regions with high branded product availability
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