Omni Channel Locator Implementation

Please note that these instructions apply only to Destini Omni Channel Locators. If you are using a PRO or LITE locator, you will need to refer to our legacy locator support documents, found here.

i) The OCL Install Script

The install script for Omni Channel Locators ("OCL") is very similar to the legacy locator install scripts, with the difference being the inclusion of "/a/" in the file path, instead of "/site/" or "/widget/" or "/pdpwidget/"

Example format of an OCL embed script:
<script src="//"></script>


ii) Pre-Implementation

Your Destini Implementation Manager will provide you with the necessary script(s), instructions and a demo website that shows your Omni Channel Locator successfully installed onto a webpage.

The installation script you are given will include the following parameters:

Client ID: this is your Destini account under which product data and locator setups are associated.  You may have multiple locators under this account, but all of those locators would feed off of the same product data, and the store data for those products.

ACODE: this parameter roughly describes a type of locator, but this will vary depending on the needs of a client.  A common ACODE value is "site" but "lite1," "lite2," and others is possible.  Your Implementation Manager will confirm your particular usage of ACODES, especially if you have multiple locators.

LCODE and WLAB: these optional parameters are used when you are showing only a subset of all the products added to your client account.  Your Implementation Manager will provide additional details if you will be utilizing these.


iii) Implementation Steps

Step 1:  On the webpage you wish to embed your locator, add your install script call right before the closing </BODY> tag.


Step 2:
Add the following <DIV> element where you want the locator to show on the page.  It is important to place this in your webpage exactly as shown below, as the "destini_container" ID of the DIV element is crucial for properly rendering your application.

...and that should be it! With these two steps, your Omni Channel Locator should work immediately.


iv) Demo

Your Implementation Manager will give you a URL to a demo website that will look something like this:

Your personalized demo website will have the above steps, plus an embedded locator to serve as a working example of successful implementation.

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