Digital Coupons FAQs

What is Destini Digital Coupons?

Destini Digital Coupons is your centralized source to plan and publish your mobile and digital couponing programs that launch directly into retailer apps and platforms.


So, Destini doesn’t have its own app?

Your digital offers will launch directly into a retailer’s native mobile app, which collectively are being used by 75 million shoppers.


How many retailers can I select for my campaign?

As many as you want! You can choose 1 or 60. Our system allows you to easily build an offer, pick one or more retailers, schedule your program and manage your budget in 4 easy steps.


What do I need in order to set up my digital coupon?

In order to setup a coupon you will only need the following pieces of information:

  • The official offer copy, i.e. Save $1.00 off any one (1) product!
  • The Manufacturer Code (provided by your clearing house)
  • The GS1 String Databar (provided by your clearing house)
  • Legal language 
  • Product(s) image (800x800 px, 72 dpi) 
  • UPC(s) of your product(s)

Do I still need to work with my clearing house?

Yes, your clearing house will still need to provide a manufacturer code and a GS1 string code for the program.


What is a manufacture code?

A six-digit code that aligns your offer to a program launching at your retailer of choice.


What is a GS1 string code?

A 37-digit code that captures all your pertinent offer information and allows it to be accounted for correctly within the retailer applications.


Do you handle redemptions?

Destini does not handle redemptions, instead we focus on the planning, strategy, setup, and budget-management of your program.


What is the cost of the program?

Costs will vary depending on the retailers you choose for inclusion in your campaign, but there are no additional fees to running your digital couponing programs through Destini.


What if I want to do a print-at-home coupon?

We can assist you with that too! Reach out to our sales team and we’d be happy to walk you through options for print-at-home couponing.


What are the average redemption rates for programs?

Many variables exist that can impact the performance of a program. Utilizing our proprietary data analysis, we can see what type of offers have the largest incremental impact across multiple retailers. This means we can go beyond redemption rates and see the true impact of performance which can help to increase redemption rates over times


What type of targeting can I do with consumers?

Targeting capabilities will vary depending on your selected retailers, as some have more sophisticated targeting offerings than others. We encourage you to contact our sales team for more detailed information on what capabilities are offered by the retailers you are interested in.


What is the lead time to creating a program through Destini?

Each retailer has a slightly different lead time, but most programs can be up and running in 4-6 weeks.


How do I get started?

If you already have a Destini account, simply log in and click on the “Digital Coupons” link from your dashboard and start building offers today! Otherwise, please contact our sales team to help get your account setup to start publishing coupons ASAP!

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